Aboriginal Advocacy

Aboriginal Advocacy Program

This program is in collaboration with the Council of Aboriginal Elders SA (CAESA) and provides access to advocates in each of the ARAS programs. The consumer can also choose to work with the Aboriginal advocates.

The primary aims of the program are:

  • To ensure that older Aboriginal people and their representatives have access to accurate and timely information about their rights and protections relating to the provision of aged care services.
  • To ensure that older Aboriginal people and their representatives are assisted to access appropriate aged care and community services.

The Aboriginal Advocacy Program assists older Aboriginal people who are:

  • Users or potential users of community-based aged care services.
  • Residents of a residential aged care facility.
  • At risk of, or who are experiencing, abuse by family and/or friends.

ARAS can also:

  • Assist the representative of the older person.
  • Provide staff of aged care and community services with information and advice about the rights and entitlements of older Aboriginal people and their representatives.

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