Complaints and Feedback

The Aged Rights Advocacy Service (ARAS) is committed to continually improving the quality of its service. Consumer feedback provides valuable information on what areas need to be changed and improved. This feedback includes comments and complaints.

It is the fundamental right of consumers to comment on and complain about the service they have received. In recognition of this right ARAS is committed to giving complaints a high priority and responding efficiently, fairly and promptly.

If you are unhappy with any aspect of our service we encourage you to raise the issue with our agency. You will be offered a choice of staff to handle your complaint - Advocate, Team Leader or CEO. Or you may prefer to write to the Chairperson of ARAS' Board of Management.

ARAS will assist you to access an interpreter and support your wish to be assisted by an advocate of your choice (e.g. family, friend, carer). You will be assured that your complaint will be treated confidentially and there will be no cost.

ARAS Board of Management are kept informed of all complaints.

The person receiving the complaint will acknowledge your complaint, listen very carefully and ask questions in order to gain a clear understanding of your concerns. Details of your complaint will be recorded. You will be given an indication as to how long the investigation will take. It is ARAS policy to investigate all complaints promptly, thoroughly and objectively. During this process you will be kept informed of progress and of the outcome including any remedy.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome (or you may prefer this option at the outset) the complaint can be reviewed by an external department:

ARAS Residential Care area

in writing to:
National Aged Care Advocacy Program Manager, S.A.
State Office
GPO Box 9848
Adelaide SA 5001

by phoning the:
Aged Care Information Line
and asking for the
Advocacy Service Complaints
or the NACAP Manager
Telephone: 1800 500 853

ARAS HACC and Abuse Prevention areas

Aged Care Complaints Scheme
ACCS Department of Social Services
Ph: 1800 550 552
GPO Box 9848

ARAS Board of Management
Aged Rights Advocacy Service
PO Box 7234
Hutt St 5000

We always welcome any comments to improve the services that we provide so if you would like to provide feedback to us please complete the ARAS Consumer Satisfaction Form and return it to ARAS.