Your Rights

Your Rights as a HACC Service User

Agencies that provide HACC services should recognise your right to:

  • be treated with respect and courtesy
  • have your needs assessed
  • be informed and part of the decisions made about your care
  • receive quality services
  • make a complaint
  • have someone represent you (an advocate)
  • have your privacy and confidentiality respected and to access all personal information kept about you by the service.

HACC National Service Standards

The HACC National Service Standards provide a framework for service improvement by service providers and outline expected outcomes for consumers. They include:

  • Access to Services - to ensure that each consumer's access to a service is decided only on the basis of relative need.
  • Information and Consultation - to ensure that each consumer is informed about his or her rights and responsibilities and the services available, and consulted about any changes required.
  • Efficient and Effective Management - to ensure that consumers receive the benefit of well-planned, efficient and accountable management.
  • Coordinated, Planned and Reliable Service Delivery - to ensure that each consumer receives coordinated services that are planned, reliable and meet his or her specific ongoing needs.
  • Privacy, Confidentiality and Access to Personal Information - to ensure that each consumer's rights to privacy and confidentiality are respected, and he or she has access to personal information held by the agency.
  • Complaints and Disputes - to ensure that each consumer has access to fair and equitable procedures for dealing with complaints and disputes.
  • Advocacy - to ensure that each consumer has access to an advocate of his or her choice.

View the HACC National Service Standards Instrument and Guidelines