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Elder Abuse Phoneline

ARAS Aboriginal Advocacy Program advocates’ can inform, support and represent older Aboriginal people who may need additional assistance to communicate their issues, including awareness of cultural differences and barriers which older Aboriginal people any experience when accessing aged care services.

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An ARAS Advocate can support you to access appropriate community or residential aged care services, and can assist if you have care concerns that you want to address. Elders can choose to work with an Aboriginal advocate if they wish.

View the Charter of Rights and Responsibilities – Residential Care and the Charter of Rights and Responsibilities – Home Care

ARAS works in collaboration with Council of Aboriginal Elders SA (CAESA) to ensure that older Aboriginal people or nominated representatives have access to accurate information about rights, responsibilities and protections in aged care services.

Advocates can also support Elders who are at risk of or experiencing abuse from family or friends. The abuse might be physical, psychological, financial, and sexual or neglect. An advocate can help you or an older person you know to understand and exercise your right to live free from elder abuse, and to safeguard your future.

ARAS advocates work with Aboriginal communities around South Australia to raise awareness about Elder Abuse and holds Mentoring Camps to educate younger people about Elders’ right to be safe in their homes and communities. 

Watch the video below to find out more about the Mentoring Camps: