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Australian Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (ANPEA)

After initially being established in 1997 ANPEA was reconvened in 2006 by a group of interested individuals and organisations. Since then the costs of maintaining ANPEA have been met by the goodwill and in-kind support of those individuals and organisations.

Current priorities for ANPEA are to:

  • Rebuild the network, its membership and profile.
  • Obtain funds to support its operation and strategic priorities.
  • Establish a website to be a source of reliable information and mechanism for sharing and disseminating information about abuse and its prevention.
  • Hold an annual meeting as a national forum for discussion on progress in addressing the abuse of older people in Australia.

A small leadership group has been appointed.

ANPEA's goals

  • To act as a forum for sharing information about new developments, ideas and approaches in the identification, prevention and response to the abuse of older people in Australia and internationally.
  • To identify opportunities for improvements in policies, programs, community education and the training of professionals and to share these with interested stakeholders.
  • To encourage research into the causes, consequences, prevalence, prevention, service and legislative responses to the abuse of older people.
  • To contribute to the International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (INPEA) and to appoint the Australian representative.

If you live in South Australia, you can join ANPEA by clicking here.

For further information, visit the ANPEA website.