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The Retirement Village Program commenced operating through ARAS in 2014 and is funded through the Office for the Ageing(OFTA), SA Health.

The primary role and focus of the Retirement Village Program is to provide advocacy and information to Retirement Village residents that relates specifically to their accommodation and residency in a village. This is a free service and is available to any resident living in a Retirement Village within South Australia.

While the Retirement Village Program is not a legal service advocates can provide general information that relates to the rights of residents living in South Australian Retirement Villages and offer them ongoing advocacy assistance if required. Advocates are guided by the current Retirement Village Act and Regulations(2017) and can assist residents to ensure that their concerns are being listened to and addressed appropriately by retirement village operators.

Retirement Village advocates work with residents and their representatives to clarify their concerns and to establish suitable options to resolve  issues they may have. Advocates are there to ensure that all residents have a voice and are guided by the particular requirements of each individual. Advocates do not act without the specific consent of the person they are representing and all conversations are completely confidential.

Advocates may provide information to assist a resident to discuss the matter further with a Retirement Village operator or alternatively they may speak directly to the Village operator on behalf of resident if required. Advocates can assist with structuring written communication to an operator and may also attend face to face meetings in conjunction with a resident if required.

Common issues that advocates deal with include disputes or concerns about maintenance fees or repairs, calculation of exit fees, general disagreements with village management, conduct and behaviour of other residents or staff, and early repayments for the purpose of entering residential aged care. Prior to proceeding  with any action advocates may ask that a resident seek independent legal advice in respect to a specific issue. Once the legal position has been clarified and confirmed the advocate can the proceed in discussing the matter further with the Village operator.

Advocates can also offer support to residents in respect to mediation with a Village operator and if necessary attend hearings at SACAT if matters are unable to resolved through other avenues (Please note- advocates are not mediators and are not impartial or neutral. While advocates may attend mediation they do not do so in the capacity of a mediator however are there to solely support the Retirement Village resident through that process)

If you have concerns that relate to your Village contact a Retirement Village advocate on 8232 5377.




The Retirement Village Program commenced operating through ARAS in 2014 and is funded through the Office for the Ageing(OFTA), SA Health.