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Aged Care Navigator (care finder service)

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Aged care services are a vital part of the community, providing support and care to those in need. The Navigator (care finder) service assists older Australians who require extra help 'navigating' the aged care system, ensuring that aged care services are accessible to all. There is no cost involved in accessing an Aged Care Navigator.

Aged Care Navigator Specialists help connect vulnerable older Australians with My Aged Care and identify what home care services best meet their needs. Aged Care Navigator Specialists can also help people make an informed decision when choosing a home care service provider.

Who can use the Navigator Service?

The Navigator Service is not for everyone. Navigators specifically help vulnerable older Australians who need intensive assistance to access aged care and other support services.

To receive Navigator Service support, a person must:

  • have no carer or support person who can help them, or
  • not have a carer of support person they feel comfortable or trust to support them, and
  • be eligible for government-funded aged care.

In addition, they should have one or more of these reasons for needing intensive support:

  • have difficulty communicating because of language or literacy problems
  • find it difficult to understand information and make decisions
  • be reluctant to engage with aged care or government
  • be in an unsafe situation if they do not receive services.

If someone doesn't meet the criteria above, there are a range of other support options available.

Learn more on the Getting support in aged care page.

What help can the Navigator Service provide?

The Aged Care Navigator Service can educate and inform people, so they can set up an initial assessment, understand what aged care services are available and find and choose their services.  They can also help link people with other supports in the community.

Aged Care Navigator Specialists will normally meet someone in person, either at their home or another place they choose.  The Navigator Specialist will ask questions to understand the person's situation and support them to work through the steps to address their needs. 

Aged Care Navigator Specialists can assist vulnerable older Australians by:

  • talking to My Aged Care on their behalf and arranging an assessment
  • attending and providing support at the assessment
  • finding and short-listing aged care providers in their area
  • completing forms and understanding aged care service agreements
  • checking-in once services are up and running to make sure everything is OK
  • solving other challenges and connecting to supports in the community, such as health, mental health, housing and homelessness, drug and alcohol services, and community groups.

How do I connect someone to a Navigator Specialist?

Aged Care Navigator Specialists are part of the national care finder service which is available throughout Australia.

ARAS Navigator Specialists operate within South Australia and service the City of Playford and the City of Salisbury.

Click Aged Care Navigator (care finder service) to download brochure. 

If you are not in these areas, click here to find out how to contact a care finder organisation in your region.

For more information, please visit My Aged Care website.

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