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How ARAS advocates can assist you

Advocates can provide the following services through the delivery of advocacy, information and education:

  • Assist people receiving aged care services or their representatives to resolve problems or complaints in relation to aged care services, through the provision of advocacy.
  • Support people receiving aged care services to be involved in decisions that affect their lives.
  • Provide people receiving aged care services with information and advice about their rights and responsibilities.
  • Promote the rights of people receiving aged care services to aged care service providers.
  • Speak up on behalf of the resident to help resolve their concern.
  • Conduct education sessions to Resident / Representative on residents rights.
  • Conduct education sessions for residential and community care staff, students and other allied health professionals.
  • Level I - Residents rights/ community care rights and advocacy.
  • Level II -Taking Action to Prevent Elder Abuse.

ARAS can also provide the following information brochures:

  • Charter of Residents' Rights and Responsibilities
  • National Advocacy Service Brochures
  • Your Care Plan Brochures
  • National Aged Care Advocacy Program Charter
  • Standards of Care
  • Residential Facilities
  • Community Care services

What ARAS advocates can assist with:

  • Ideas on how people can participate in decisions and plans regarding their care or on other matters i.e. their environment, safety, activities, etc.
  • Strategies on how to get better outcomes regarding their care.
  • Have someone speak up for the person to ensure their care is met and is up to the right standard.
  • Information on what people are entitled to regarding their care and need to discuss options that would best suit their situation.
  • Information on compulsory reporting of abuse of residents and the Department of Social Services requirements under changes to the Aged Care Act 1997.
  • Have a speaker to come to their resident group to discuss rights and entitlements, how to improve consultation and the importance of providing feedback to the facility or service.
  • Advocates cannot investigate, solve complaints or implement remedial directives, as this is the role of the Department of Social Services Complaints Investigation Scheme.

Link to how ARAS can assist re Residential Aged Care: